Friday, April 12, 2013


Edela Eesti Arenuskeskus in cooperation with Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for volunteers for a project called Discover Yourselfwhich will take place from 1st July 2013 until 30th June 2014 in Kaposvár, Hungary!

There’s only 1 vacancy!

The target group of the project is the youth who live in Kaposvár and the surrounding area. The local young people do not have much chance to travel, they are not motivated to learn languages and they do not have international experiences. Because of this we take the international environment to our city, to the Compass Office! Our EVS volunteers are our tools! We offer the chance for the youth to come to our office and experience an international environment, to improve the language communication, social, cultural, and social skills, organizing free time activities, summer camps, send them abroad for EVS, Youth Exchanges or trainings. We are offering them these possibilities, to extend their chances!

The tasks of the volunteers are the following:
·         Volunteer in the Language clubs;
·         Language lessons in local secondary schools;
·         Take part in popularization of the Youth In Action program;
·         Take part in Summer camp;
·         Useful free time activity;
·         Active part of office life.

The description of the activities more in details can be found here: http://pt.scribd.com/doc/135554447/Compass-EVS-Project-Description-discover-Yourself

Work time:
Maximum 35 hours weekly.
Daily agenda: 10:00 to 18:00
Free days: two days per every week. (Saturday, Sunday) The work hours are flexible depending on the volunteer’s and the instructor’s needs. If the volunteer has to work on the weekend, then the volunteer gets the free day in another time. Every month the volunteer has two free days! It means that during 12 month the volunteer has 24 days for holiday.

Financial conditions:
Travel – 90% of the travel to go and return to Hungary.
Accommodation – The project cover 100% of the accommodation of the volunteer. The volunteer will share the flat with another volunteer.
Food – There is a fixed amount of money delivered to the volunteer which should allow him/her to don’t have any costs with the alimentation. The amount will be around 250 euros per month.
Activities – All working activities are 100% paid by the project
Pocket Money – The volunteer will receive 95 Euros per month of the project.
Insurance – Every EVS volunteer must be enrolled into the Group Insurance Plan for EVS volunteers foreseen by the Youth in Action Programme, which complements the coverage by national social security systems. All costs with doctors are paid or reimbursed with the AXA volunteer insurance.

EVS Training and Evaluation Cycle: The volunteer will have the chance to join the following trainings during his EVS time free of charge!
􀂃 pre-departure training (before go to the project)
􀂃 on-arrival training (in the first month in Hungary)
􀂃 mid-term evaluation (in the end of the year)
􀂃 evaluation of the Activity. (when return to Estonia).

Profile of the volunteer:
The volunteer should have a minimum 18 years old and a maximum 30 years old. We are looking for a serious and outgoing person who can work well in a team and by him/herself. We are having constantly programs with youngsters and children. Good English and/or Russian is a plus.

All the interested people should send the CV and Motivation Letter in English to marco@nyh.ee

Application deadline: 15th May 2013

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